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My Story

Nothing comes easy. It takes a lot of hard work to become a champion.

I started out in the fitness field in 1983 as an aerobic instructor. I taught classes and managed aerobics in Tacoma and Puyallup, Washington.  Before long, I was offered the opportunity to start my own gym.  The Fitness and Shape Gym offered aerobics classes, weightlifting, karate and self-defense.  I managed the operations and personally taught 15 classes a week, while also taking instructions in karate.  In, 1986, I closed the gym and moved to Bellevue, Washington.

My life expanded into new horizons as I studied to become a medical assistant and gave birth to my son in 1988.  Then I took a bold step.  I began bodybuilding in 1992 and entered my first competition in 1993.  It took a great deal of dedication and concentration to get into and stay in top form but it paid off. Since 1993 I have won eleven First Place and nine Overall place honors in competitions from Honolulu to New York City.  While in Bellevue, I started one-on-one personal training, getting great results in clients from age eleven to eighty-five! 

I moved to beautiful island of Maui in 1997 and bought a car-rental business.  Running that business was a detour from my personal training that I enjoyed so much.  Still in 2000 I was back into bodybuilding.  Representing my new home, Maui, I won the Musclemania  Championship contest in Los Angeles that year.  When I got out of the car business and wanted to start personal training again, I moved to Honolulu.  Ten years into my career as a bodybuilding competitor, I took First in the 2004 Paradise Cup Championship in Hawaii. And in July 2005, I took another shot at national competition in Las Vegas, where I placed sixth against some really tough competition.

As I prepare for nationals again in November 2005, I am fortunate to be doing what I love to do, and to have fabulous sponsors who believe in me and provide support.  Representing Hawaii in nationals competitions is a great honor, but it’s a very expensive endeavor for a self-employed trainer like me.  I’m grateful to have sponsors like 24-Hour Fitness, Leis of Hawaii, Edine Swain, Face it Permanent Make-up and Naturopathic Dr. Ryan Ferchoff. One of my personal-training business clients, Kaipo Machado, also a client of Dr. Ferchoff, has lost 10 percent body fat and feels great!

At  the present time I’m associated partner / personal trainer with UNIVERSIAL BODY

If you’d like to help sponsor a champion bodybuilder or get some help from as experience and well-respected personal trainer in Honolulu, I’d love to hear from you.

Aloha Ailina



Biography of Irene Eddins "Ailina"

1984 to 1986         Owned / Operated Gym – “Fitness & Shape Inc.”,WA.

1987 to 1988         Medical Assistant School – Bellevue,WA.

1988 to 1989         gave birth to my son-Andrew Nicolas Johnson 

1990                      started  competitive lifting

1991                      first bodybuilding contest Vancouver Natural bodybuilding

                              Championships- 3rd place lightweight

1992                                            2nd place Western Washington, WA.

1993                                            1st & Overall Champion Northern Pacific,WA.

1993                      1st & Overall Champion Western,OR.

1994                                            1st & Overall Champion Vancouver Natural,WA.

1995                                            1st & Overall Ironman Championship, WA.

1995                      1st Emerald Cup Championship, Seattle, WA.

 .    1995                      1st & Overall Champion Pacific Coast Natural Bodybuilding,OR

1996                                            1st & Overall Champion Western Washington, WA

1997                                            National Competitor at the Team Universe, NY

1998                                            1st & Overall Champion Pacific Coast Natural Bodybuilding,OR.

1997                                            Mixed Pairs 1st Maui Muscle Classic, HI.

1998                                            1st & Overall Champion Hawaiian Natural Bodybuilding, HI.

1999                                             & Overall Champion National Superbowl, Pasedena, CA.

2000                                            2nd Ironmaiden, Culver, CA.

2000                      1st Musclemania Championship, CA.

2003                      2nd  Paradise Cup Championship, HI.

2003                      Best Poser Paradise Cup Championship, HI.

2004                      1st Paradise Cup Championship, HI.

2005                      National Competitor at the USA Nationals, Vegas, NV.